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Turns out, that following nature’s lead and using simple, real food makes for high-quality performance nutrition. Spring Energy emphasizes this 100% natural approach throughout their whole lineup of gels and nutrition. You won’t be seeing any freaky lab-grown concoctions passed off as food on their ingredient list. Instead, Spring Energy has harnessed the power of certain foods for the specific needs of endurance athletes. As a result, their nutrition provides sustaining, dependable energy without any gastrointestinal problems or sugar swings.

Canaberry - Made for high-intensity workouts, the Canaberry’s great flavor and smooth texture make it go down easy while the balanced composition of carbohydrates keeps your stomach happy. The recipe diversifies energy sources via medium-chain triglycerides so that you can stay firing on all cylinders.

Speednut with Caffeine - When you’re completely cooked, sometimes you have to dig deep to keep putting one foot in front of the other. Or you can instead dig deep in your pocket and pull out the Spring Energy Speednut with Caffeine. This gel gives you a kick that’s often needed when you’re slogging towards the finish line but not quite there yet. It features 250 calories, 50mg of caffeine, and a combo of carbs and fatty acids.

Long Haul - The Spring Energy Long Haul bestows slow-burning, constant energy for those all-day pushes by blending complex and simple carbs into a nutty-flavored gel. The Long Haul is also finely tuned to improve nutrient absorption and reduce those oh-so-awful bouts of gastrointestinal stress. As always, only high-quality natural ingredients are used.

Power Rush - Built for high-intensity sessions or for that moment when you need a real energy boost the 13g of sugar will hit the system fast. Well balanced, you can get the bump in energy you need without the negative effects that can come with taking on too many carbs at once.

Hill Aid - Get the support your body needs, this special mix aids in carbohydrate and fat metabolism as well as reduces inflammation. The light and refreshing taste mean you won't boot while you avoid bonking. At just 100 calories this is not giving you a hit of sustained energy but is intended to work with your body to maximize other products you take on board. Contains caffiene.

Awesome Sauce - The name sums up the taste, and carbohydrates sum up the composition with 45g of them. If you run on carbs, this is your gel.

Koffee - Maple syrup with cold brew coffee makes for a tasty treat. Built for long-distance efforts with a kick of caffeine (10-15mg) and 15g of fat this will be a long-burning addition to your fuel repertoire.

Chocolate Heaven - Yup, the name kinda sums it up. Legit chocolate delivers fat to your system with a mix of heavenly ingredients for a shot to the arm (or legs) of carbs and magnesium. The idea here is to give you energy and help prevent cramping. For big endurance efforts, you can escape to a world out of the Willy Wonka movie while crushing your body all day long.

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Questions & Reviews

Zak M (downright abused product)
GI issues have plagued my running existence and after years of bearing the taste and not being able to pronounce half of the ingredients from other popular gel brands, I knew it was time for a change. Once you get past the baby food type consistency of Spring Energy Gels these things are mega delicious, and not overly sweet which I appreciate. I was pretty dubious about whether or not I would feel the difference with the natural ingredients they use, but after over a year of using them, I definitely find when I fuel primarily with Spring Energy Gels my energy levels stay quite consistent. Canaberry is my go-to favorite flavor and when I need more calories or a little bit more of a kick I go for the Speed Nut.
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Question from Travis
Can I purchase these by the box?
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for reaching out, nunatak211. If you'd email us directly at and we would be happy to get you squared away on this.
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