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COROS has really outdone themselves - behold the APEX Pro Watch! They took the already stellar APEX and stuffed it full of even more features, including an insane battery life of 40 hours in full GPS mode. That alone is making the endurance community perk up. But it doesn’t stop there. The Pro model features a touch screen functionality on its durable sapphire glass screen so that using the watch is even easier, including zooming in on the navigation track. For athletes at high elevation, a 24/7 blood oxygen monitoring feature and Altitude Mode allows you to keep an eye on your acclimatization process. Night Mode makes reading your watch easy without draining the battery. As always, the data captured will be used to help you process your workouts to make for more effective training. You can even follow workouts from others and share your own. As with all of the COROS lineup, the APEX Pro is a stylish watch that fits in equally well at the office and the mountains. For the serious athlete, it doesn’t get much better, or more of a mouthful, than the COROS APEX Pro Premium MultiSport Watch.

  • Touchscreen makes navigating the many options available a breeze.
  • Sapphire glass face is durable to keep up with your roughest adventures.
  • Blood Oxygen monitoring keeps you in touch with your performance level.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 and ANT+ connectivity let your watch talk to your smarphone and a host of accessories.
  • Works with the COROS app on your smartphone so you can track and review every adventure.

Charging Time Less than 2 hours
convert to ounces
59g [46mm]
Battery Life 100 hours UltraMax GPS, 40 hours full GPS, 30 days regular use
Screen Touch Yes
Waterproof Rating 10 ATM (100M / 328ft)
Specs Verified Yes
Connection Bluetooth 4.2, ANT+
24/7 HR Monitoring Yes
Barometric Altimeter Yes
Blood Oxygen Monitoring Yes
Compass Yes
Display Type Touchscreen Memory LCD
Face Material Sapphire glass
Optical HR Monitor Yes
Strap Material Silicone
SkyRun Says
Usage Long efforts where data is important and fun to have
Notes Touchscreen for quick, easy navigation
Bottom Line Packed full of features with incredible battery life
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Questions & Reviews

Zak M (used product regularly)
I purchased this watch from Skyrun Co to replace my Suunto Ambit3 Peak and was primarily interested in it for the absurd battery life and simple features I had read about time and again. After a month of use running 3-5 days a week and even a few late-season ski tours, I can say this watch was a great purchase.

Not being super tech-savvy I found with the Suunto that there were just a lot of features I wasn't using or lacked the desire to learn how to use. Thankfully with the Apex Pro, I was pleasantly surprised that the setup and ease of use to operate the watch during runs was basically as simple as you could get.

Coros prides itself on the Apex Pro having super long battery life and that was the primary reason that drew me to make this purchase and so far it's lived up to the reputation. I usually charge the watch once a week generally after 6-10 hours of use and it's hardly dipped past 50 percent battery life. After having bad experiences with my Suunto Ambit3 Peak running out of battery life on long endeavors (20+ hours) I am excited to put the Apex Pro to the test.

The Coros app makes pairing the watch with apps like Strava a breeze and offers very in-depth running analysis, which while I don't pay a ton of attention to, is nice to be aware of.

Long battery life, simple to operate, cool watch band colors, and a decent price for a legit GPS watch make the Coros Apex Pro a great purchase. Very excited to put this watch to the test in the upcoming months. Simply put, get this watch.
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Matt (used product regularly)
Unsurprisingly the battery life is why I got this watch and it has not disappointed. It is so nice to take it out for long weekend ski or backpacking trips and not have to worry about charging it the whole time.

During most weeks the main problem is I almost always forget where I left the charging cable because I so rarely need it.

The heart rate monitor seems about average for a wrist based monitor, but I turned mine off. Also, have not used the blood oxygen monitoring, not sure how useful/reliable it is.

The watch face has been very durable and has held up great. If you are looking for a simple watch, that has a reliable gps signal, will last forever, and does not try to get too fancy with too many extra features you probably don't need or won't use this is a great option.
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Model: Apex Pro Premium Multisport GPS

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