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Altra Trail Running Shoes

Altra started in the back of a running shop and now is front and center in the running world. Wanting a shoe that helped their running instead of hindering it, two young entrepreneurs set out to solve the problems of the running shoe world with innovative ideas that were inspired by personal experience. Altra shoes now feature Balanced Cushioning and a FootShape design that are central to their approach to making the best fitting shoes they can imagine.

Altra Mont Blanc Shoe
When it comes to Altra's Mont Blanc shoe, Robin Thicke would agree that there are some "Blurred Lines." Straddling the worlds of race and distance categories, this is a race-weight shoe with some serious cushion amongst plenty of other positive attributes..
Altra Mont Blanc BOA Shoe
Is more always better? In the case of Altra's Mont Blanc BOA shoe, the answer is, "Yes!" Two BOAs mean twice as much security and a very precise fit. But don't let the high-tech knobs distract you from everything else this shoe has to offer. Using Altra's..
Altra Olympus 5 Shoe
Who wants to walk on clouds when you can run on trails? How about a combination of the two? Altra's Olympus 5 trail running shoe boasts a stack height of 33mm to bring you all sorts of comfort and cushion with each stride. Built on Altra’s Original FootSh..
Altra Mont Blanc Shoe - Women
Cushion is a key component of correctly categorizing current-day clogs. Just another way of saying that certain features define shoes as landing in a particular category. High cushion means distance shoe. Lightweight means race shoe. How about a highly cu..
Altra Lone Peak 7 Shoe
Iconic and impressive, Lone Peak in Utah is the namesake for the legendary Lone Peak trail running shoe from Altra. Now in its seventh iteration, it's clear that this shoe is a fan favorite and a high performer. As a staple of Altra since its inception, t..

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