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You’re welcome to wear a car headlight on your head, but if you want something much lighter and seemingly just as bright, the Petzl Swift RL headlamp is your best bet. Pumping out an impressive 900 lumens on its highest setting, it’ll light up the trail ahead of you... and the whole mountain for that matter. In fact, the Swift is the brightest headlamp in Petzl's lineup (aside from those wild spelunking set ups!) The lamp features Petzl's super-efficient REACTIVE LIGHTING technology, which senses the ambient light levels and adjusts its own output to fit the conditions. This technology ensures a longer burn time and will (hopefully) prevent you from blinding your partner when stopping to share trail snacks. The built-in rechargeable battery enables you to top it off before each nighttime mission. Lastly, a two-part strap cradles your head for stability as you actively churn out trail miles. Take the guesswork out of nighttime running and flick on the Petzl Swift RL headlamp.

  • With IPX4 weather resistance, you can confidently use the Swift in all sorts of wet weather.
  • A reflective two-part headlamp keeps things stable as you bounce along.
  • The Swift can be switched between flood or mixed beam patterns depending on your needs.
  • A single easy-to-use button controls all functions of this headlamp.
  • Choose between REACTIVE mode and normal.
  • Recharges via the micro-USB port in 6 hours.
  • Max light output of 900 lumens.
  • A safety switch prevents accidentally burning the battery while in your pack.

Charging Time 6 hrs
Lumens 900 max
300 standard
100 minimum
convert to ounces
Battery Life In Reactive mode
2-30 hrs max
5-40 hrs standard
10-50 hrs min
Waterproof Rating IPX4
Specs Verified Yes
SkyRun Says
Usage Night runs in technical terrain
Notes Reactive Lighting can help save battery charge
Bottom Line 900 lumens with plenty of tech
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Model: Swift RL

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