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Territory Run Co Easy Miles Run Club All Day Tee W


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Not every day is race day! Proudly show off your appreciation for slow, steady runs with Territory Run Co’s Easy Miles Run Club tee. Even better, join in on the celebratory Easy Miles group runs hosted in cities throughout the US. And although the shirt emphasizes going easy, the shirt itself is anything but a slacker. Using Territory Run Co’s popular All Day fabric, the incredibly soft cotton feel will entice you to throw on this shirt for nearly every run - fast or slow. But just because it feels like cotton, doesn’t mean it acts like it. The shirt is comprised of premium recycled polyester infused with recycled coffee grounds. This combo wicks moisture and shoos away any stank that was considering making itself at home on your shirt. A slightly tapered hem creates a nice athletic fit while the sleeves are a touch roomier to reduce friction points. Remind other runners on the trail that there’s beauty in mellow paces with the Territory Run Co Easy Miles Run Club tee.

  • All Day fabric is made from premium recycled polyester infused with recycled coffee grounds in order to provide a soft touch and moisture-wicking properties.
  • Design by Elliot Matson.
  • Feels like merino but is significantly more durable!
  • Slightly tapered hem and roomier sleeves for an intentional athletic fit.

convert to ounces
112g [M]
Ventilation Breathable recycled materials
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Relaxed fit, with a bit more volume in the sleeves
Materials   79% Recycled Polyester
21% Recycled S Cafe Polyester
SkyRun Says
Notes Excellent breathability
Bottom Line Fun, fashionable, and functional

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Model: Easy Miles Run Club All Day Tee W

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