Skimo Co





5' 7"


135 lbs

Shoe Size

US 8.00

Foot Strike



11 - 24 miles / week

My Running

I enjoy running in soft, wet terrain, a lot of running along hiking trails rather than traverses. Expert asthmatic.

My Gear

Vert 6
Dynafit Alpine, Salomon CrossXSlab

Recent Posts

Ran with these around the Tetons and down in lower valleys/ridges in Idaho and I love these shoes if you're looking for something lightweight and great grip across different terrains. They keep out just about everything from plant stickers, mud, to even the worst of the dusty terrains, nothing gets past that gaiter/sock cuff and it's surprisingly breathable despite what one might expect its coverage. No sweat from me, and no dust/rocks! Tread is pretty durable too for such a lightweight shoe. It's definite...
The Odlo Ceramicool line is an incredible shirt for training and can be used as an extremely light baselayer. I've comfortably run in the shirt on its own and used it as my sole baselayer beneath a puffy or vest for skiing in 10 -> 0 degree weather with wind chill and was not getting drenched in sweat and still staying insulated enough to not want for additional layers Odlo also used a fairly carbon-neutral production and limited wasteful packaging, and I can attest to the use of the zeroscent anti odor t...
This shoe is like a Ferrari; it's flashy, aerodynamic, beautiful (to run in) on slick terrain, and it's unique tread really allows the 'driver' (runner) to really dig into the earth and unleash their full speed and test their endurance! - at the same time, you wouldn't take your Ferrari into a country dirt road with loose rocks you have to drive over and drive as fast as you can. To make that make sense - this is a phenomenal wet/'backcountry' and winter trail running shoe. The cleat-like underfoot makes ...
I come from a background in soccer where the only real cushion you get out of your shoe are 14 sharp little wedges on the bottom of a leather cleat. So I was a little disappointed when I didn't fit into the Bushidos, but VERY pleasantly surprised with how much I like the Akyras. It doesn't matter if it's a long hike with 45 lbs of junk for a couple days of backpacking, or if I'm trying to work on my time and pacing running up Olympus or along the Bonneville Shoreline trail - I love the Akyras. I have a semi...
Love this stuff. Where's episode three?

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