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Treading the line between ultralight and fully featured, Leki has hit the sweet spot with the Leki Micro Trail Pro. It’s light as a feather for all your endurance and racing needs but adds on an extended cork grip and an ever-so-slightly beefier shaft construction. No more hemming and hawing over which poles to bring! The Trigger Shark 2.0 System and Frame Strap Mesh combine together for superior comfort, quick connectivity, massive power transfer, and all around ease of use. The fixed length 100% carbon shaft keeps it light so you don’t consider just using tree branches for poles. Although seemingly insignificant, the designers even took the time to dial in the tip to ensure it provides a foothold at every angle and generates an optimal swing weight. But once the poles aren’t needed, they easily collapse down quickly into three pieces with the push of a single, dummy-proof button. At this point they’re just a paltry 37cm long which allows for low-profile stashing on your pack. When poles are on the day’s gear list, the Leki Micro Trail Pros are willing and able to get the job done!

  • Fixed length for weight savings and on-trail simplicity.
  • Folds down to 37cm for effortless stowing.
  • Single push button is straightforward and operable, even in the haziest of runners' fog.
  • 100% carbon construction so your arms don’t get taxed unnecessarily.
  • Trigger Shark 2.0 System makes connectivity a breeze.
  • Trail running tip bites at every which way so you have one less thing to think about.

Lengths (cm) 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130, 135
convert to ounces
196g [120cm]
Weight (pair) 392g [120cm]
Collapsed Length   37cm [120cm]
Sections 3
Grip Cork, extended
Basket & Tip 28mm basket, carbide trail running tip
Diameter 16mm upper, 14mm lower
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   High Modular Carbon
Strap Trigger Shark, Velcro closure
SkyRun Says
Usage Steep terrain
Notes Extended grip for steeper terrain
Bottom Line Quick to deploy, quick to breakdown and stow, no reason not to bring these along for those big climbs and descents
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Aidan M
Looking for a size recommendation. I am 5’ 11” 155 lbs. I usually ski tour with 130 cm. Do people usually get the same size they tour with? I was thinking perhaps a little shorter (maybe 125) because I wouldn’t use them unless it’s quite steep. Thanks!
Answer from Brett S
Hey Aidan, we'd recommend going a little shorter with a running pole (as the ferrule won't be penetrating into the soil). For you, the 120cm would be a great choice!
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Brian L (downright abused product)
Abused is the right word. I love these poles and use them for trail and skyruns in the alps. Last summer I wanted to avoid buying new poles with snow baskets for a skyrace over glacier, so I swapped the tips for some Leki flextips from an old pair of hiking poles that were on their last legs. Now I've made myself some straps that clip into the trigger shark handle (3mm cord fits well) and have been skiing with them. Lightweight and seemingly robust!
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Matt (downright abused product)
Got these to train and then run the haute route two summers ago, and have used them on the steeper routes around the wasatch since then. The poles are lightweight, super durable so far, despite some pretty rough use.

The trigger shark is really intuitive and easy to use - being able to quickly attach and release the poles is awesome when grabbing food, using gps, or taking photos. I like that they are fixed length because it seems more durable than other brands variable length poles I have had in the past. Plus because the cork handle extends down so if side-hilling on steeps for a long time it is easy to just grab the cork lower down on the uphill pole.

The lighter poles might be nice for shorter efforts and fast races, but given how well mine have held up I am happy that I went for the more durable option for such a small weight penalty.
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Question from AARON O
What is the difference between this pole and the Race? Just weight? Durability too or?
Answer from Zak M
Hey Aaron, you are officially the first person to ask a web question on Skyrun Co congrats! With an extended cork grip, beefier shaft construction, and a slightly heavier weight penalty (20g) the Micro Trail Pro Running Pole would be a good burlier pole option. Feel free to reach out with any other questions.
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