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HOKA Trail Running Shoes

Founded in 2009 in Annecy, France, HOKA One One, now simply HOKA, started producing high-cushioned running shoes at the peak of the minimalist shoe trend that ruled the day. HOKA is now one of the industry leaders in trail running footwear and leads the market in the maximalist technical ultramarathon category.

HOKA Speedgoat 5 Shoe
If you don't notice a number of these shoes at any given ultra race, you may be looking up. The HOKA Speedgoat 5 and its previous 4 iterations continue to set trends in ultra-marathon technology and have an overwhelming presence at long-distance events. O..
HOKA Speedgoat 5 Shoe - Women
The Wasatch Mountains in Utah were not blessed with buttery smooth singletrack. The trails in the Wasatch are steep, rocky, and of a technical nature that the women's HOKA Speedgoat 5 are right at home on. The addition of Vibram's Megagrip with traction l..
HOKA Mafate Speed 4 Shoe
Jim is going on a run in unknown terrain with the only beta being "anywhere between thirty and forty-five miles and 7-11k of gain"; what shoe should he choose? The HOKA Mafate Speed 4 satisfies the requirements for adventures as ludicrous as this. Jim wou..
HOKA Mafate Speed 4 Shoe - Women
Should you be on the lookout for a responsive shoe with excellent traction for long miles in rough terrain and max vert, then hone in on the HOKA Mafate Speed 4. HOKA has incorporated a grippy outsole and aggressive lugs with a low profile and reactive mi..
HOKA Stinson 7 Shoe
There are many reasons someone may need a high-stack shoe, but the experience often has downsides. HOKA's Stinson 7 addresses these issues using space-age materials and precise design. The feel of that soft midsole is achieved with a high stack height whi..
HOKA Zinal 2
With 2200 meters of climbing in a short 31km, Sierre-Zinal is one of the most anticipated trail races of the season and runs over five 4000m peaks in the heart of the Swiss Alps. The namesake of the HOKA Zinal 2 requires a fast shoe that excels in technic..
Hoka Stinson 7 Shoe - Women
If your upcoming race has more miles than four days have hours, a shoe that balances comfort, grip, and protection is a welcome companion. When max cushion is required, but a stable platform is needed, the HOKA Stinson 7 - Women will provide comfort and s..
HOKA Tecton X 3
While Jim Walmsley was integrating into the French countryside to win UTMB, Hoka was engineering a shoe that would help him accomplish the task. The Hoka Tecton X 3 was designed after the prototype Mr Walmsley wore to become the first American male to win..

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