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The act of trail running might be simple - one foot in front of the other - but it can often involve a surprising amount of items. Thankfully, the Ultimate Direction Crew Roll is an innovative way to keep things organized so your car doesn’t end up looking like a used gear shop! No more rummaging through a vast, bottomless duffle bag at the trailhead either. The roll unfurls to reveal dedicated pockets for bottles, nutrition, shoes, clothes, and other essentials. Clear Visolon fabric makes it easy to see where things are stashed. You can lay it flat or hang it from a tree, car, fence - pretty much anywhere. And when you’re done, simply roll it back up and throw it back in the trunk. Keep things dialed with the Crew Roll so you can spend more time running, and less time searching for your headphones.

  • This innovative, diverse storage solution keeps you happily organized before and after each run.
  • Clear Visolon fabric makes eyeballing pocket contents a cinch.
  • Multiple hanging options so you can use whatever is around.
  • Hassle-free unrolling design allowed easy access to a diverse assortment of pockets, making your trailhead shuffling even easier.
  • Pockets are removable for total customization
convert to ounces
Volume 30L
Access Fully opens
Stash Pockets It is one big one
Specs Verified Yes
SkyRun Says
Notes A fantastic, do anything, must have
Bottom Line Awesome way to keep your car from looking like a used gear shop

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