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Peter Piper packed a pocket full of...nutrition bars? With Ultimate Direction's Adventure Pocket you can pick and choose what you want to bring along if you need a little extra space. Perfectly paired with UD's Race Belt 5 you can expand your carrying capacity to personalize your setup for short, medium, or longer runs. The Flex Mono Mesh backing will help move sweat away from your waste to keep you cool and comfortable. Have a big phone you need to bring along? This pocket has almost a liter of space to spare. If you need just a touch more space the Adventure Pocket from Ultimate Direction is an excellent way to make it happen.

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Volume 0.8L
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Ken
What are the dimensions as I need at least 7 inches wide due to cell phone with an Otter Box cover.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Ken, my phone case dimensions are 167mm x 84mm x 12mm, and that seems to be the maximum that would easily fit inside the zippered pocket.

The zipper opening is 150mm, but the internal dimensions of the pocket are ~100mm x ~210mm.
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Model: Adventure Pocket

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