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8/9/2021 Best Trail Running Accessories

One of the best things about running is its simplicity - minimal gear, maintenance, and fuss. As a result, most runners don’t qualify as gearheads (nutrition, on the other hand, is a whole different story). With the exception of shoes themselves and sport watches, most folks simply find what works and get to it. And really, we can’t blame them.

Photo by Will McKay

That said, we’ve highlighted a few accessories that are often overlooked but do make a huge difference out in the mountains. And don’t worry, we’ll keep it brief since you’re probably jonesing for trails, not gear babble.

Insoles - While the outside of shoe soles understandably get all the attention with their different treads, rubbers, and lugs - it isn’t the complete picture. Each runner has a unique instep height, so finding a matching insole can often significantly improve a shoe’s fit. Thankfully, aftermarket SIDAS 3Feet Run Sense insoles are here to the rescue by offering varying arch support options no matter how high or low your arches may be. Each model has specific patterns of EVA foam that properly interact with your stride and supports your natural gait. This helps avoid pain and fatigue. They also last longer than outsoles which means you can reuse them in multiple pairs of shoes.

Cedar bags - It doesn’t matter which brand of shoes you’re running in, they’re going to get stanky with foot sweat, rain, mud, and whatever else you may step in. And if you think about it, the dark, wet inside of shoes are basically the ideal growing conditions for bacteria. Enter the SIDAS cedar bags. Stuff ‘em in your shoes after each run and they’ll sop up all the moisture and leave your shoes smelling like a lovely cedar lumber yard. When not stuffed in shoes, the cedar bags can also pull double duty by keeping the moths off your sweaters.

Windbreaker - Mountain weather can be unpredictable and getting blasted in an unexpected storm can be annoying at best and downright dangerous at worst. That’s why we think of windbreakers like an insurance policy but without the hefty deductible. They’re small, light, and compact enough to take on every run just in case. They’re also great for those cold starts when you know it’s going to heat up but you just can’t bring yourself to start THAT cold in a shirt. And if you haven’t run in a windbreaker recently, rest assured that while they’ve historically been a stuffy affair, engineers have poked holes in the right places and made use of improved fabric to alleviate the sauna effect.

Running belts - Perfect for short jaunts, running belts are simple and jostle free. No need to strap on a running vest when you’re just trying to get in a few miles. Shove in your keys, phone, and a flask of water and get going. Simple as that.


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