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Whether it's the morning before a race or you're planning for a long day in the mountains, take the guesswork out of breakfast and give yourself a leg up with a Spring Energy Wolf Pack. Categorized as an endurance meal for athletes, the Wolf Pack is a calorie-dense meal intentionally designed to provide healthy, real-food fuel before your workout. It boosts your performance without concern for GI issues. As always, Spring Energy only uses all-natural ingredients without any funky preservatives or added sugar. The Wolf Pack is a great-tasting source of 350 healthy, easy-to-digest calories so you can focus on running, not sugar crashes and an upset stomach!

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Will McD (downright abused product)
The Wolf Pack is my go to breakfast that I take with me on basically every overnight trip these days. Easy to eat on the move and with a screw cap that means you don't have to slam it down all at once. It's got 100% natural ingredients and is calorie dense at roughly 73g/oz (including packaging). It's also really tasty. Like, really really tasty. Honestly tastes better that any homemade oatmeal I've ever had, and certainly better than anything I've made for breakfast camping. I have to stop myself from eating them at home because they're just so good.
If you need something more substantial than gels on your run but don't want to be choking down granola bars while moving, or if you have a refined palate and only consume the finest of fuels, I cannot recommend the Wolf Pack enough.
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