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A well-fitting pair of glasses is not one size fits all, as not all heads are the same shape and size. Thankfully, Julbo recognizes this and produced the Aerolite glasses so that those of us with smaller heads aren't excluded from the benefits of Julbo's performance optics. Boasting much of the same technology as Aero Sunglasses, the Aerolites have a narrower frame to better fit women, kids, or men who feel the Aero is too wide. The unique REACTIV lens darkens or lightens based on ambient brightness, providing the same clarity of vision no matter where the sun is (or isn't) in the sky. Rimless construction allows for maximum ventilation and the wide, curved lens enhances your peripherals and mitigates distortion. The adjustable nose piece and rubber grips on the arms not only keep the glasses in place but also absorb jolts from the impact of your stride, preventing the glasses from jittering as you run. If you want glasses that offer unabating performance in nearly any lighting from dawn to dusk, the Julbo Aerolite is a versatile, "quiver-of-one" optic that you'll never want to leave home without.

  • Thanks to the REACTIV lens technology, the tint changes based on ambient lighting for crystal-clear vision in all conditions
  • Narrow fit is perfect for women, kiddos, and men with smaller faces.
  • Rimless design offers optimal airflow to reduce sweat and lens fog.
  • Adjustable nose grip ensures a cozy and stable fit.
  • Shock absorption is built into the arms and nose piece to help keep the glasses in place.
  • Wide lens for a maximum, distortion-free field of view.
  • REACTIV lenses come in multiple colors and lighting ranges to meet your specific needs.

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Model: Aerolite

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