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Julbo doesn't play games when it comes to their glasses. The Julbo Aero Sunglasses are the product of years of innovation and testing that resulted in unparalleled quality. The groundbreaking REACTIV lenses adjust their tint based on ambient lighting, so you can wear the same glasses for your dawn run and your lunch break sprint. If weather or cloud cover changes, the lenses will self-adjust to preserve the clarity of your vision so there's no need to fiddle with your glasses when the light shifts suddenly. Meanwhile, the frame is designed specifically with performance athletes in mind. The one-piece lens is suspended in the frame, allowing air to ventilate around the entirety of the lens for consistently clear, fog-free vision. The nose piece is adjustable to ensure a secure fit no matter how much you're moving around. Similarly, the arms feature rubber support for your ears to keep the glasses from sliding off. Not only do these features prevent slippage, but they also absorb shock from your body so the glasses won't bounce about when you're out running hard. A curved lens provides a distortion-free, wide field of view that protects your eyes from peripheral brightness. The only downside of the Julbo Aero is that you may forget it's on your face, so double check your head before buying a second pair to replace your now-favorite glasses.

  • REACTIV lens technology self-adjusts to lighting conditions, ensuring worry-free consistently clear vision.
  • Suspended lens offers maximum airflow for efficient venting and cooling.
  • Adjustable nose piece provides a secure and comfortable fit.
  • Shock absorption on the nose and behind the temples prevents bouncing with each footfall.
  • Wrap-around lens yields full protection without distortion in your peripheral.
  • Available in a variety of colors and REACTIV Photochromic lenses for different ranges of light levels.

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Questions & Reviews

eric (downright abused product)
I have had several different high-end glasses through years and the Julbo's have been by far the best I have used. The Aero fits my face really well and the anti-fog treatment keeps them from fogging even on the up. I have the Reactive 1-3 lenses and they work from the car in the dark to the brightest, sunny day. The lens clarity is as good as any other high-end lens too. These are by far the best glasses I have used to date.
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