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We like to make sure people are in the correct shoe so from time to time we have demo shoes available. This means you can get a deal on a pair of slightly used shoes. We offer a 30-day warranty on manufacturing defects for all items listed here. Items can be returned within 10 days unused if you discover they won't work for you. See the descriptions below for details on specific items.

Dynafit Alpine - Fjord / Lime Punch, 12.5 - Taken for one short run. upper and mid look like new. Minor dirt on the outsoles.

Dynafit Feline SL Shoe, 10.0 - Shoes have been run in a few times. Some dirt on the shoe and outsole and minimal wear on the toe.

Dynafit Ultra 100 - Women, 9.5 - Shoes have been run in once for a few miles. Still in really nice shape.

Dynafit Ultra 100 - Army / Blueberry, 12.5 - Shoes in good shape have been run in once.

La Sportiva Jackal, 45.0 - Shoes have seen one hike and a few runs, some dirt on the shoe, and minimal scuffs on the toecap.

La Sportiva Jackal II BOA - Storm Blue / Lime Punch, 45.5 - Shoes run in for 3.5 miles. Other than some dust on the lower/outsole, they are in great condition.

La Sportiva Mutant - Women, 39.0 - Shoes have been used once. The outsoles have some dirt on them, but otherwise are in great shape.

La Sportiva Mutant - Women, 39.5 - This storm blue/tomato shoe has been used once. Has some dirt stains on one shoe.

La Sportiva Mutant, 40.5 - Run in once. Shoe is in great shape.

NNormal Kjerag - Green / Ice Flow, 8.5 - This shoe was run in once and is in excellent condition. Does not appear to have been run on a trail—no dirt on the upper.

NNormal Kjerag - Green / Ice Flow, 11.0 - This shoe was run in once. The shoe has minimal dirt stains in the crease of the toes. Overall, it is in very good condition.

NNormal Kjerag - Green / Ice Flow, 10.5 - This shoe was used for a few miles. The shoe has minimal dirt stains. Overall in very good condition.

NNormal Tomir - White / Dusty Blue, 10.0 - Used for one run. Slight stain on the right toe area; otherwise very clean shape.

NNormal Tomir - Grey Sparrow, 11.0 - This shoe was run in once in really good shape.

NNormal Tomir - Warm Sand, 9.5 - Shoe has been run in once and is still in fantastic condition. Very clean.

SCARPA Rapid - Blue-Acid / Lime, 43.5 - Minimal wear. In great shape!

SCOTT Supertrac RC 2, 11.5 - Shoes have been run in once for a short time—some dirt on the shoe.

Salomon S/Lab Pulsar SG - Magnetic / Black, 11.0 - Unused! The pull tab on the tongue is disconnected on the left shoe.

Salomon Pulsar Trail Pro 2 -Carbon, 9.0 - Run in one time. In excellent condition.

Questions & Reviews

Question from thomc
Is the Dynafit a 9.5 or 12?
Answer from Will McD
Hi thomc, there are currently two separate demo Dynafit used for sale. The Alpine DNA is size 12, while the Alpine is size 9.5.
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