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Darn Tough 1/4 Ultra-Lightweight Cushion Socks


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If socks were music, then Darn Tough would be Mozart, and the 1/4 Ultra-Lightweight Running Sock with Cushion is the Piano Concerto No. 21, 2nd Movement "Andante." In other words, these socks are music to your feet. Made from a combination of merino wool and nylon, they are breathable, moisture-wicking, and cool (both kinds of cool). Added cushioning under the sole helps soften the impact of each stride, amplifying the cushion of your shoe for a no-pain, all-gain run. The 1/4 length goes to just above your ankle, letting your calves feel the fresh mountain air while protecting your ankles from sticks, scrubs, and shoe rubbing. Naturally antimicrobial materials keep your socks fresh so you aren't assaulted by onerous odors when you pull off your shoes. With a seamless construction and cozy, athletic fit, you'll want to wear these sock not just to run, but to work, to shop, and to sleep. And with a lifetime guarantee from Darn Tough, what do you have to lose (except for blisters)?

  • Made with merino, nylon, and a touch of Lyrica for breathability and thermoregulation.
  • Moisture-wicking and antimicrobial materials prevent sweaty and stinky socks.
  • At 40g per pair (medium size), you'll feel the comfort and not the weight.
  • 100% made in Vermont, USA.
  • Guaranteed for life - no strings attached.
Size US Men EU Shoe UK Shoe
S 5½-7½ 38-40/41 5-7
M 8-9½ 41-42/43 7½-9
L 10-12 43-45 9½-11½
XL 12½-14½ 46-49/50 12-14
Materials   50% Merino Wool
46% Nylon
4% Lyrica Spandex

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Model: Run 1/4 Ultra-Lightweight with Cushion

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