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Black Diamond Trail Running Gear

Black diamond is synonymous with adventure in the mountains. For us the brand stands for quality products that help our customers maximize every run, ascent, descent, overnight adventure or whatever the day may bring. From poles to tents to plenty of other realms, Black Diamond is a staple of the outdoor community.

Black Diamond Distance Spike
Yes, snow and ice are for running. Sure, most times we would prefer an open trail, but sometimes winter sticks around too long, or that snowcapped peak is just calling. If your adventures may involve a wintery mix you can combat the elements with Black Di..
Black Diamond Distance Tent w/ Adapter
There is nothing better than sleeping outside on a crisp night with the moon rising and a gentle breeze blowing through the trees. Cover more miles before that restful night with the uber lightweight Distance Tent from Black Diamond. This version comes wi..
Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Running Pole
It is no longer a secret that running with poles will increase efficiency. However, where to start? Enter the Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Running Pole. Packed with features like a 100% carbon shaft to save on weight, a 3 piece design for easy storage ..
Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Pole - Women
On the surface, a running pole seems simple. Handle, pole, carbide/rubber tip right? However, appearances can be deceiving. Case and point, the Black Diamond Carbon Z Running Pole. These poles possess an impressive feature set that would be right at home ..
Black Diamond Distance Tent w/ Z Poles
Do you cut your toothbrush in half? Do you have a spreadsheet listing the calorie to weight ratio of all your trip foods? Is the phrase “ounces ounces pounds” tattooed somewhere on your body? If so, check out the Distance Tent with Z-Poles from Black Diam..
Black Diamond Running Pole Parts
Black Diamond poles are versatile on their own, now imagine what you can do with these sweet add-ons! Expand your useage, or replace that lost part that you know is somewhere under your car seat. Distance Baskets Large - If you need to stay out of..
From $9.95
Black Diamond Distance Gaiters
Black Diamond may have the best gaiters outside the state of Florida with the Distance Gaiters. I'm not sure if that's a football or basketball reference, what I do know is that trail running can get downright sloppy sometimes and you just want to keep tr..
$49.95 $37.46
Black Diamond Tent Parts
Bang up your gear much? Wondering how you lost those tent parts as you sift through your gear room? We have you covered. Distance Tent Crossbar - Foldable bar that runs across the peak of the tent between the poles. Distance Tent Pole Adapters - Set..

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