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9/27/2021 SkyRun at Wasatch 100


SkyRun staff and friends had a blast serving up food, drinks, and support for the racers

More importantly, congrats to all the racers, organizers, volunteers, and pacers of this year's Wasatch 100! The weather was certainly a wildcard for an already tough course.

And thanks to the race directors for allowing us to run the aid station at mile 77. From power naps to grab-and-go food, it was inspiring to watch runners dig deep to knock out the final 23 miles. We’re already looking forward to next year’s race…. And we promise to bring more cans of Coke next time!

Come volunteer at the Wasatch 100 race with us!

Photo by David Hardy

We’re running an aid station at mile 75 during the Wasatch 100 next week (Sept 10-11) and are looking for a few more volunteers to help prepare and hand out food! Bonus points if you’re great at doling out motivational speeches to exhausted runners.

Aid station workers get an extra ½ ticket towards a future year’s race lottery!

Photo by Jimmy Thomas

Forty years after the first event, the Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance is still a classic thanks to its history and burly terrain. The course traverses the beautiful, yet rugged, central Wasatch for a gain of 24,000’ and a loss of nearly the same.

Send us a DM or email to if interested!

Photo by Bob Seeberger

This article was originally published on 8/31/2021 and was last updated on 9/27/2021.


Comment from Jim Knight
It's wonderful you stepped up to staff a critical aid station to a legendary ultra. Having finished WF100 many times, I always relied on Pole Line Pass and they always delivered. Keep the faith and the good work!
Reply from James R
Thanks Jim! It was a lot of work but we all had a great time, especially when we got to witness the inspiring determination of runners to keep going. If you're not running it again this year, come join us at Pole Line!
Reply from Jim K
Hi James. I'd like that. There's a good chance I might be pacing a friend, but I'll see if I can do both!
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