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Ultimate Direction Running Packs and Accessories

Ultimate Direction has been a leader in hydration solutions since 1985. The gear is designed by athletes and incorporates well thought-out features that could only be conceived after many miles on the trail. We’re particularly impressed with their trail running vests.

Ultimate Direction Body Bottle II 150 G
If you have ever had a sticky gel leak in your pocket, then you have probably wondered if there is a better way. Well, I am here to tell you, there is! The Ultimate Direction Body Bottle 150 G is the perfect way to transport liquid calories without all of..
Ultimate Direction Reservoir
Do you ever think to yourself midrun, “Gosh, I could really go for a massive milkshake right now!" Well, enter the Ultimate Direction Reservoir. While we don't necessarily recommend topping it off with frozen desserts, you can if you want because the blad..
$29.95 $19.77
Ultimate Direction Adventure Pocket
Peter Piper packed a pocket full of...nutrition bars? With Ultimate Direction's Adventure Pocket you can pick and choose what you want to bring along if you need a little extra space. Perfectly paired with UD's Race Belt 5 you can expand your carrying cap..
Ultimate Direction Body Bottle II 500
Standard fare with any running vest, soft flasks are the best way to onboard water while minimizing sloshing. The Ultimate Direction Body Bottle II 500 is compatible with any UD vest, vesta, or waist belt. Whether you lost a bottle from your vest, want to..
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Ultimate Direction Body Bottle II 500 S
Are you a fan of soft flasks, but just can’t seem to figure out the darn nozzle? Well here is your slosh free, sip and shrink, taste free solution! The S stands for straw, to give you the extra clearance from that pesky vest bottle pocket.Made from PEEVA,..
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Ultimate Direction Reservoir II
Reservoirs are a pretty simple piece of engineering. Hard to improve right? The folks at Ultimate Direction have defied the odds and done just that. The Ultimate Direction Reservoir II is packed with thoughtful features to keep you hydrated on the trail. ..
From $29.95
Ultimate Direction Clutch
The classic "clutch" has always been to carry just the essentials. This concept applies to Ultimate Direction's Clutch as well. Bring only what you need, leave behind everything that can weigh you down. With a 500ml capacity you can stay hydrated while on..
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Ultimate Direction Utility Belt
Not every run is an expedition that requires a bulky hydration pack. Keep it minimalistic with the comfortable Ultimate Direction Utility Belt. Four pockets on a stretchy mesh material allow you to carry what you need - such as water, phone, keys, and nut..
Ultimate Direction Race Belt
If you need to step away from the Rat Race and jump into an actual race, you're going to want to leave the briefcase behind and pick up Ultimate Direction's Race Belt 5. Built for comfort, speed, and convenience you can carry your liquids, nutrition, phon..
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Ultimate Direction Crew Roll
The act of trail running might be simple - one foot in front of the other - but it can often involve a surprising amount of items. Thankfully, the Ultimate Direction Crew Roll is an innovative way to keep things organized so your car doesn’t end up lookin..
Ultimate Direction SCRAM Pack
The Ultimate Direction SCRAM Pack is UD's take on an all-around bag that's just as useful for skyrunning as it is ski mountaineering. Named for its plethora of uses, the SCRAM (Skiing, Climbing, Running, And More) Pack is a highly utilitarian and customiz..
Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta 5.0
Ultimate Direction is known for harnessing the skills of its female designers to create the first women's-specific hydration vest. Now several generations later, it should come as no surprise that their Ultra Vesta still leads the industry in comfort and ..
Ultimate Direction Ultra Vest 5.0
Remember that time you worked hard to break your own personal best on a competitive trail? That’s how the Ultimate Direction designers must feel with the fifth generation of the Ultra Vest. Always tinkering and adjusting, this version is even more comfort..
Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest 5.0
This one is for all-out assaults on the mountains. The Ultimate Direction Adventure Vest is your partner in crime as you explore parts unknown and need a vest that can keep you going from dawn to dusk. With 17 liters of carrying capacity, the only thing s..
Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta 5.0
Maximum capacity for maximum output. The Ultimate Direction Adventure Vesta is there for you as you dash through pines, charge up mountainsides, scramble ridges, and eventually gain a well-earned summit. At 16.5 liters, the Adventure Vesta is eager to car..

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