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Originating in Portland, OR, Territory Run Co. is the brainchild of Brett Farrell, a runner with a unique vision on how things should be when it comes to hats and clothing. This independent apparel brand still has that "out of the garage" feel with some of the best-looking hats and shirts you can find. Intended to, "empower all types of people to discover their wild and true souls," it is apparent that passion is a driving force behind what makes this brand what it is today.

Territory Run Co Long Haul Cap
A running cap only has two requirements: look good and perform well on trail. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that Territory Run Co’s Long Haul Cap is such a hit with trail runners. First glance shows off the brand’s innate style points. No worries ther..
Territory Run Co Anti Chafe Balm
Pits, nips, thighs, and toes. It doesn’t matter where you chafe because all points of friction are liable to ruin your run. Territory Run Co’s Anti Chafe Balm utilizes just four 100% natural ingredients to create an effective barrier that will let you get..
Territory Run Co Mens All Day Sunrise Long Sleeve
This is a long sleeve shirt for the trail running purist. Without flashy, over-the-top graphics and colors, the All Day Sunrise Long Sleeve from Territory Run Co minds its own business while you take to the trails. Although it looks and feels like soft co..
Territory Run Co Easy Miles Run Club All Day Tee W
Not every day is race day! Proudly show off your appreciation for slow, steady runs with Territory Run Co’s Easy Miles Run Club tee. Even better, join in on the celebratory Easy Miles group runs hosted in cities throughout the US. And although the shirt e..
Territory Run Co Easy Miles Run Club All Day Tee
Slow down, mellow out, and take it easy! Much like unhurriedly enjoying a sip of fine wine, this Easy Miles Run Club All Day Tee from PNW’s Territory Run Co proves that you can appreciate the benefits of running slow - such as catching up with friends, en..
Territory Run Co Loowit Trucker Hat
Trail runners rejoice, the age-old trucker hat just got a revamp! Territory Run Co’s Loowit Trucker hat allows you to get all the style points of your Granddaddy’s trucker hat without sacrificing any of the technical features that runners demand of their ..
Territory Run Co Easy Miles Gorge Cap
A technical running hat is technically a running hat with technical features. The Gorge cap from Territory Run Co. is described as being just that - technical. A mesh back panel leaves plenty of open space for optimal airflow while still keeping the sun f..

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